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The joke’s on me

When I was a kid, one of the highlights of the run-up to Christmas was the epic Woolworths’ advert on TV. It was always longer than any other ad and starred proper celebrities like The Two Ronnies.None of which has any relevance to this post, but I thought I’d mention it. What I do want …

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Writing environmentally

I’m very keen on green living. And it seems to me that the three tenets of living in harmony with the environment are just as relevant to the writer at large. Let’s say them together: REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE. REUSENo good idea lives but once and every technique learned should be applied where it’s applicable. …

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The ghost of mayflies past

Every form of writing has its alloted lifespan. And the briefest of them all afflicts the topical joke. It suffers from three genetic weaknesses:1. Timing deficiency – a joke is only as topical as the event it refers to. 2. Funny disposition – it’s no joke if nobody’s laughing.3. Exposure – it may be current …

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