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What goes around

Not the prettiest image, unless you’re a jobbing writer. I’ve said in the past that I’m a big fan of short story competitions. You are usually presented with a theme, a word count and a deadline – and all for no more than a nominal entry fee (we can have that debate some other time).Even …

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How low can you go?

Wordcount, that is. The 100 word One Tight Write competition, run by A Word with You Press, is going great guns. It’s remarkable how much you can fit into such a small space, like the literary equivalent of the joke about fitting four elephants in a Mini. There’s still time to enter – the competition, …

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Flip side

A little while ago, I was asked to be a judge in a writing competition (or ‘contest’ for our American friends). I’m by no means an expert, but I know what I like. The trouble was, there was an awful lot of what I liked. Some stories challenged me, others amused me (always an easy …

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