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Lost without a pen!

Welcome to - the website of freelance writer Derek Thompson.

Are you ever lost for words? 

The right words, I mean. The ones that will engage your readers, your customers or your audience. Why let that stop you from getting your message across? 

"Effective communication connects us, changes us and compels us to act."

Times when you might need a writer - this writer!

1. You have no content. Zip. A few ideas, maybe, but that's about it.

2. You have a deadline to meet and your publication has a page-sized hole that needs filling.

3. Your usual writers are unavailable and you don't want to turn a client down. 

4. What you've written is okay. You know it could be better, but you're not quite sure how to go about improving it.

5. You'd rather stick to what you're best at and run your business. All the same, people still need to know about how great your product or service is.

6. You want to revitalise your brand with a fresh approach, a little humour or a new tagline.

7. Words aren't your thing. Believe me, I understand; I feel the same way about banking. (Unless banking is your business, in which case I love banking because the customer is always right!) 

And that's where I fit in.

I'm a freelance writer who is also a qualified project manager. I can create a range of written content, for a variety of media, to fit your needs. I produce business writing, articles and features, personal speeches and eye-catching copy that generates a buzz. I can even write gags for you, or 'punch up' presentation material to turn it from dry into wry.

UK clients have included: The Guardian, Independent Executive, Education Executive, BBC Radio Scotland, Discover, Home Study Courses, Wolf Photography, Sapient Secure Ltd, Eos Design, Creative Web Fusion, The Little Book of Cynics, Channel 4 Radio and comedy for live performance (London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Cornwall). 

US and Canadian clients have included: A Word with You Press, SafeTFirst Corporation, On The Inside Design, Pancake Canoe, Ixvar, Vismomedia, BSFG Travel, Dollar Stretcher, Thrive in Life and NuPost.

My main subjects are: Human Interest; Business; Green Living; Mind, Body & Spirit; Politics; Project Management; People Management; Humour; Relationships; Comedy Writing and Creative Writing. However, I'm happy to receive a client's individual brief. 

I have also worked with several authors to edit and refine their work, which can cover anything from identifying typos all the way up to ghost writing material.

Contact me to discuss your requirements and I'll be happy to give you a quote.  

In the meantime, here's my social media footprint if you want to look me up.


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