Copywriter, columnist, author and blogger – content with character.

Engage your customers, your readers, or your audience.

Times when you might need a writer

  1. You have no content, or maybe a few unformed ideas. It’s pretty much a desert.
  2. There’s a deadline to meet and the clock is ticking down… It’s red alert time.
  3. What you’ve written is okay, but doesn’t rock your world. It needs something.
  4. You want to try a fresh approach with more personality and humour.
  5. People don’t know how great your product or service is, but words aren’t your thing. I get it; I feel the same way about banking. And sailing. And my stomach agrees with me.

Where I come in

I can create a range of  content (credited or ghostwriten) for a variety of media and needs. I produce business writing, articles and features, branding slogans, speeches and eye-catching copy that generates a buzz. I can even write gags for you, or ‘punch up’ presentation material to turn it from dry into wry.

I’ve worked with niche organisations that you wouldn’t expect to share a list – young people’s well-being, funeral planners and bereavement support, Out of Home advertising, doggie people, magazines,  eco socks, and soft toys. My main subjects are: Well-being, Lifestyle and Human Interest; Green Living; and the Arts. That said, as long as it’s not banking or sailing, drop me a line.

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