Month: July 2010

Character forming

I’ve been editing my second thriller, Line of Sight, a work in progress. Perhaps because I know the characters better (from Standpoint), I find it easier to get swept along with the manuscript as a book and sometimes have to pull myself back to the editor’s chair. One thing I have observed is the way …

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Hogwarts Lives On thanks to Erkin Bekbolotov and his friends

First came the books. Then came the film. Then came the merchandising. Then came the other films. Then came more merchandising. Then came the theme park. And now there’s… Mugglespace. I checked out a sample member – Erkin Bekbolotov is an MBA graduate with a self-confessed HP obsession. Then I remembered that I’ve still …

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Kipling may have written: ‘… If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same…’ but I’ll bet his novel hasn’t just been declined by a major UK publishing house. Of the two imposters, I know which one I’d like to write to me! There are several positives, despite …

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