Month: September 2015

Writer as Gardener

Autumn is a time of harvest. As a former ‘green living’ columnist* the environment and the page are inextricably linked for me. Whether it’s planning for the season to come, falling in with the rhythms of the year, or taking careful note of what’s developing, the metaphor of garden as creativity was – and is – …

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Read anything!

A while back I was reading about crowd-sourcing and the flak that the actor and writer Zach Braff received when he opted to use a crowd-sourcing site to get funding for a movie. In a filmed reply he said that he had supported other creative projects as a funder, and that the main players in the …

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Last minute nerves

Plot holes or windows of opportunity? I’m writing this when I ought to be editing, tweaking and freaking out. I needed a break (especially from that last one). The third book in the Thomas Bladen series, Cause & Effect, is fully plotted, largely written and ready for some sanding and sculpting. I have chocolate on standby …

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