Month: May 2017

Do writers need boundaries?

Vive la difference! I’m at a really interesting point in the novel I’m writing. And I know that because it’s making me uncomfortable. It’s not violence or sex or swearing; no, it’s more subtle than that. It’s about religion and culture. More specifically, religion and culture that aren’t mine. I’ve recently had some brilliant email conversations …

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Is Social Media the Writer’s Friend?

Recently, The Guardian carried a piece about author Joanna Trollope’s criticism of fellow author JK Rowling. Specifically, JT thinks JKR spends far too much time being far too vocal on social media. You can read about it here: The part that really piqued my interest was JT’s suggestion that aspiring authors will look at JKR’s interactions …

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Who Owns Your Books?

Now you see me. When it comes to books, the word ‘ownership’ can mean different things at different times. Who owns an idea? Nobody. Try copyrighting an idea and be prepared for laughter and disdain. Who owns a completed manuscript? Unless you’ve been paid to ghostwrite a novel, ownership rests with the author. The laws …

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