Month: April 2014

Just My Luck*

Unlucky for some? Come on writers, you know the feeling: Your book has been rejected with nary a hint of what you can do about it before the next submission. – One of your writer friends, who’s been at it less time than you have, telephones to share news of her latest contract / publication date …

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Picture This

Every time I get a new notebook, at some point as I gradually fill the pages, I draw an updated version of the same diagram. It’s usually titled ‘My Writing Universe’ or something equally modest. Basically, it consists of an overview of everything I’m writing, have written, or really ought to be getting on with.  …

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One, two, free.

Of all the words guaranteed to fire a writer up, few inspire as much passion, controversy and vitriol as the word free*. Many writers, starting out, are happy (or, at least, prepared) to allow their work to appear for gratis. There are some valid reasons for wanting to do it: gaining a publication byline, gaining …

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