Month: March 2011

A planned day out

I took the advice of fellow writer Deborah Durbin and had a day off. No planning, no plotting and definitely no weighing up one novel against another. Anne and I went to Somerset for the day, first to Taunton and then to Glastonbury; which, aside from being the spiritual home of As Above So Below …

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Base camp

It happened a couple of nights ago. It was quite sudden; no great fanfare. One moment I was scribbling away in my writing pad (admittedly I’d been scribbling for over an hour) and the next – at approximately midnight – I stopped and looked at the page. The End stared back at me. That is, …

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Magic dust

I remember a time when I used to travel regularly between Cornwall and London for my job as a project manager. I spent a lot of time on those long train journeys, thinking, writing, snoozing, watching movies on my work laptop and, just occasionally, working. But one time really stands out because somebody ‘famous’ got …

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