Category: Freelancing

Give Your Freelancing a Reboot

Are you worn down by the well-travelled path? How many times have you found yourself following a familiar working pattern, even though it no longer delivers the same level of positive results? The routine runs like clockwork – set-up, prospecting, emails, social media, yadda yadda. If you’re not paying careful attention to your business you …

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A slice of homily pie

You write…WHAT? There is a school of thought that business blogs equate to online marketing, and that all information should be carefully managed to ‘champion the brand’. If your eyes are rolling at this point you’re not alone.  I’m all for promoting one’s business – this blog has worked well for me on that score over the …

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Should writers be more like plumbers?

What’s the difference between a writer and a plumber? Many would say that a writer works more unsocial hours and a plumber is seen as having a more noble profession. But, for me, the main difference is that you wouldn’t ask a plumber to work for free. Writers though, particularly at the start of their …

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