Month: April 2016

On the Campaign Trail

I recently branched out as a freelancer and worked on a B2B marketing campaign, engaging businesses to join an innovative web-based platform. At first, it seemed a world away from copywriting, editing or proofreading, but it soon became clear there are both transferrable skills involved and valuable crossover lessons. 1. Have a plan It sounds …

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Series Four. Coming Soon.

Some say the best television shows end at series three. It’s not that further series are necessarily bad, they just need to be different. The first two series of Red Dwarf, for example, felt like cult viewing; you either got it or you didn’t. It was made – or appeared to be – without a …

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One Year On – a Q&A with a difference

A little ago, buoyant on completing my first year as a thriller writer, I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A with a difference. I promised to answer any questions you cared to send in. Here they are, woven into an interview. 1. It’s been a year since your debut thriller, Standpoint, was published. …

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