Month: January 2013


Another successful day’s writing. There are certain songs that feature regularly on my computer playlist. One collection of songs relates to my Brit thriller, Standpoint, as a soundscape – a musical shorthand to evoke a scene or a mood. And there are some songs that are so hauntingly beautiful that I’ve loved them from the …

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Is that the time? *

I’ve been meaning to post something, but I’ve been busy…thinking… I have a confession to make: I’m doing okay as a writer. There, I’ve said it – I feel better.  That’s not classic British underplay and it’s based upon my expectations of being a writer (i.e not based upon money or any other external factor that …

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Another side to the story

As apples go, I like ’em. I was updating LinkedIn, my resume and all the other New Yeareries (I love new words – they’re so lexical!) on my list  today and decided to check my Amazon links. To my great delight, I found a review of my mid-grade / YA book, Superhero Club. And it got me …

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