Month: August 2015

The Cold Heart

One from the vaults… The Cold Heart by Derek Thompson I can see by the way you’re working that you’re preoccupied. You have a kind of sombre intensity radiating from behind your glasses. I offer you a nervous smile, but you look straight through me. It’s okay, I don’t take it personally; it’s my first …

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Miracles of Kindness

There’s a lot of information on the internet for writers. You can learn all about techniques and templates, how to craft your work, sales, marketing and how social media is your new best friend. (I think that’s the freezer actually, but only because I recently freelanced a piece on the subject.)There’s some – though notably …

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Hats off to writers

Nature’s hatstand I love a good back story. Now we’ve decided to shorten the third thriller in the Bladen series (giving it more of a pulp novel feel in my opinion) I’ve busy doing some pruning. It’s entirely possible that some scenes, flashbacks and dialogue will live again in another form, but they’ll more likely …

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