Month: April 2015


Making waves and creating a splash. Hello there. I’m writing this in advance, so this may only be accurate at the time of typing (on 22/04). My debut thriller, Standpoint, is doing well. I know it’s not a very British thing to say,  and I’ll come back to British things later, but there it is. …

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In the Long Run

Who truly knows where the path leads? Repeat clients are a freelance writers’ best friend. When you build up trust and a dependable working relationship with someone it’s a win-win situation. They know they can rely on you to produce the content they need, on time and on budget. You, on the other hand, are …

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Catch Up

The writing journey is a little bit like climbing Mount Everest (or Sagarmāthā, or Chomolungma, if you prefer). There’s preparation and perhaps some form of sponsorship, training on smaller climbs, and then you’re ready for the off. Except that nothing prepares you for something quite like doing it. The only way to sustain yourself on that long, arduous …

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