Month: June 2014

In search of a perfect formula or Cu2CO3(OH)2

Not quite Cu2CO3(OH)2, but wondrous, nonetheless. We are drowning in a sea of information, except that we’re not necessarily becoming any more informed. More opinionated, possibly, but that’s not quite the same thing.Wanna be a writer?Sure you do, and now it’s easy. You don’t need to live, to challenge yourself, overcome difficulties and express your inner …

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Seven Useful Tools

Sometimes it seems as though the writing life is just so damned complicated. You can’t help wondering how the likes of Hemingway or Jack London managed with just a writing pad, a typewriter, and a bottle of liquor for company. But manage they did; they and countless others who did not have the blessings – …

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What Rejection Can Teach Us

“I’m afraid it’s going to have to be a ‘no’ from me.” David French and I once wrote that rejection was just life’s way of telling you you’re unworthy. Despite that note of hilarity, it may seem as though there’s nothing to be gained from a rejection other than an increased desire for chocolate. However, …

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