Month: March 2015

Standpoint – when characters come to life

The first time I thought my Brit thriller, Standpoint, might have legs was when I had an argument with the main character in a car. Yes, I know how ridiculous that looks on a screen, but it’s what happened. It was during a novel writing summer school tutored by Jane Pollard at University College Falmouth. …

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Partial eclipse of the heart

The important thing about today’s partial eclipse (let’s face it – an almost total eclipse, percentage-wise) is that it doesn’t happen very often. Anne and I headed to a little-used beach on the north coast and breathed in the sea salt, up on the headland. The only person on the beach below was a woman with her …

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The Yoga of Writing

Go with the flow? Writers seem to occupy that curious hinterland between the potential and the actual. We create characters and give them life on the page, and worlds to roam, in the hope that someday other people will visit them to read about their adventures and dilemmas. It’s not a given though and for …

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