Month: January 2011

Endings, Beginnings and Where Nexts

Barring a strong North Easterly, computer meltdown or a distorted sense of conscience, I should complete the first draft of my current Work In Progress Scars & Stripes in the next few days. It has been a strange and wondrous writing journey, raking through the bones and memories (and indeed the odd scar or two) …

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Wheat, chaff and the golden calf

Writing professionally is based upon three cornerstones: the ability to produce quality material, having the necessary time to do it and getting the money afterwards. The way I see it, take away any one of that trinity and you’re left with a very wonky stool indeed – and one that’s lying on the floor. Or …

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Backwards and Forwards

Some of the writers I know don’t pay much heed to Christmas and New Year. There are deadlines to meet and things to be done, interspersed with the occasional mince pie. Plus, you’re always thinking ahead – it may be January on paper, but my trusty spreadsheet says it’s time to think about summer articles …

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