Month: February 2016

Created Expectations

A little freeform blogging on a calendrical adjustment. Feb 29th is an unusual day. Partners propose, workers appear to work an extra this month for no extra pay (I used to ask my boss about it, but I never got a straight answer) and there’s a certain sense of being out of step with the norm. …

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Authors & Books – Capital Crimes

How many of us have travelled into work or sipped our morning coffee at home, thinking about how we’d commit the perfect crime? Since Edgar Allan Poe’s The Rue Morgue was first published in 1841 we’ve taken short crime fiction to our darkened hearts like no other genre. Revenge, justice, greed, power, madness, the thrill of it, a …

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The Spy Who Loved

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘not your average hero’? When Thomas Bladen first came into my consciousness / novel / repertoire, I knew very little about him. I could write it all on a large stamp:1. No ninja skills.2. Not suave and sophisticated.3. In a relationship of sorts.Pretty average, in fact. The relationship …

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