Month: August 2010

Don’t bank on it

I think I must be the only person I know who keeps a bank account as a keepsake. It’s a little connection to my late brother – it was his account, before it became our account, before it became my account – and it’s also to remind me of possibly the worst customer experience I …

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Shades of grey

Usually, when I start a post, I have a clear idea of what I want to say or at the very least some semblance of a point I want to make. Not so today. I haven’t even figured out where I stand on the following situation, but it grabbed my attention and now it’s all …

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Number 8*

As many of you will know, I’ve been reporting on the growing backlash against opportunities for writers which offer no pay but promise exposure and a writing credit. There’s a lot of debate over what constitutes an internship, where a website or printed publication offers a reasonable prospect of developing a readership and when someone …

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