Month: December 2015

2015, thanks for everything.

Branching out. It’s been a funny old year. In a good way, I mean. I started 2015 with the familiar writer-inbox staring game familiar to anyone who has both a Labrador and a biscuit tin. And then, as if by magic (because it was certainly magical at the time) I had a book deal for …

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Success stories

Just for fun (and private research!), I asked a few writer friends what their definition is of success. Re-reading the list, it’s surprising how diverse the answers are. Have  read and see what you think.However you define it, may you succeed in your creative endeavours and attain your grail. Jane Pollard IMO there are four stages …

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Freelancing 360°

A friend once told me that part of a mechanic’s job was massaging the egos of car owners. “Yes, that’s a classic model.” “There’s never a problem getting spares for this one.” (And with good reason.) For freelance writers – and for most self-employed people, I imagine – there’s a lot of focus on service. Sometimes …

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