Month: September 2014

Write then – the fundamentals.

A post or two ago, I invited blog visitors to ask questions. It was a pretty open invitation and I was expecting questions about freelancing, money, the muse, balancing creativity and business, and a host of other tar pits that working writers (and whether you’re being paid or not, you’re working) have to contend with.  …

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Not Quite the Status Quo

Hello there,Thanks for stopping by.  We may or may not know one another – it’s even possible you found me by chance. Nonetheless, pull up a pew.Of late, in this blog, I’ve talked about the identity crisis writers can face – and the one that I experience on a regular basis. Apart from, perhaps, plays and …

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Harriet Hoult’s Language of Art

I’m fortunate to number one or two artists in the UK among my closest friends. While I’m definitely a visual learner, the language of art generally eludes me and the creative process using colour and form (unless it’s with words) is a mystery to me. Luckily, I recently met London based abstract artist, Harriet Hoult, who agreed to …

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