Month: October 2014

The Magic of Writing

Porsha having a spell in a cauldron. If you can get beyond Trick or Treating, the same schlocky horror films being trotted out on TV and the sight of Christmas already being on sale, this is a special time of year.The Celts called this time Samhain (often pronounced Sow-een or Sow-en, although there are other interpretations) – …

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Why I teach what I teach – Kath Morgan

After several dog walks over Praa Sands, where we’d thrash out our plot challenges, and talk about our latest submissions (followed by a recuperative trip to the pub for coffee and hot chocolate), Kath Morgan agreed to write me a guest post. Here, she explains how and why she does it her way. As the …

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The Value of Value

Ah, Sunday nights. Stanley Turrentine is caressing the speakers, my ginger beer bottle is empty and the rain is tip-tapping on the attic window. It must be time for some philosophising! Some years ago (i.e. in the old days), I was a product launch manager for a project that wasn’t going well. In fact, this particular …

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