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Evolution of an idea

Back-copies still available for sale! Give me a writer who knows exactly where they’re going and I’ll give you – and them – a round of applause. Any writer I’ve ever met, be they published or yet-to-be-published, may have an inkling, or even an ambition, but that’s about it. In a sense, that’s part of …

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Co-Dependence weekend

When you think about it, people care more for mythology than they do for truth. Over the years I’ve met people of all persuasions (forgive the irony) who refused to shift their position in the fact of new evidence. Whether it’s Churchill’s proposal for a United States of Europe or whatever really happened on that …

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paper chase

There’s nothing quite like misplacing an important document for encouraging you to clear out old paperwork. After you’ve searched through it unsuccessfully, of course. Rejections from 2006 sat cheek by jowl with reader reports from 2007. And, by the time I’d gone through them all, the shelves weren’t the only thing groaning. Did I actually …

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