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A messy business

Some jobs turn ugly. In an ideal world, freelance writing is a straightforward process. Something like this: a) Client + defined requirements < writer’s experience and abilities.b) Client + writer’s abilities + time = satisfied client + promptly paid writer (+ recommendations). However, as every freelancer knows, a client’s ideas about what they want can be …

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We Need to Talk

Sometimes things just don’t add up. I posted recently about the ways, in my experience, that freelancers can add value. It prompted a few responses and a lively dialogue with professional copywriter Alasdair Murray. For the record, let me state that: 1. I enjoy being challenged, where it makes me think about what I’m communicating …

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Well, this is a novelty

I like to think that I’ve experienced most of the surprises that freelancing has to offer, but don’t count your chickens – or your clients – before they’re hatched. I recently ticked off a brand new one for the journal by firing a client. The client wasn’t a difficult person; they weren’t hard to get …

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