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What can you say apart from please buy my book? Pt 1

Time and tide…get your feet wet. We’re told that everyone has a book inside them* although many would-be writers are unable to commit themselves to the page. Who can blame them? It’s hard work and when you finally reach ‘the end’ another adventure beckons. Then, when you’ve finally reached the final ‘the end’, it’s the …

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one August night

I was sat at home yesterday, staring into space as Anne waited for me to tune back into the present. She knows me well enough now that these internal jaunts no longer merit comment. I’d like to say that I was working on a short story or one of the two novels I’m developing; but …

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a cautionary tale

I consider myself reasonably intelligent but that doesn’t mean I can’t make an arse of myself from time to time. As recently stated, I’ve been looking at Craigslist where there is a constant ebb and flow of work opportunities, protests and scammers. It’s quite addictive actually, seeing how many people are paying a reasonable wage …

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