Where the web-links live

Here are some web-links for my writing on the net:

Cold Heart – Dark Valentine magazine
The Seeds of Happiness – Stories that Lift
Saturday Night – Molotov Cocktail magazine
The Silent Hills – Also contracted to Musa Publishing – 14/10/2011 – 13/10/2014.
Through the Veil – hyperFeedia
Night Train – Fiction 365

Political pieces for AND magazine

Human Responsibilities, The Curse of a Jaded Eye, PTSD The Hidden Wounds, Right to Remain Private, WikiLeaks Media Frenzy and Job Equality in the UK.


  1. Brian Keaney says:

    I enjoyed them very much, especially Night Train and Cold Heart. I could imagine The Silent Hills on Radio Four.

  2. Derek says:

    Hi Brian and thanks for your thoughts. I love the short story form, but I struggle to know where to put them afterwards, other than the odd competition here and there. Maybe I'll start saving up for an anthology!

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