E is for ebook

When is a book not a book? Tom Uglow spoke at Port Eliot about the ways in which ebooks and the digital experience could be more interactive than a mere saddle-stitched paperback could ever dream of. Being by nature a bit of a Luddite, I’d yet to fully embrace the virtual book, but I could see that my expectations of what an ebook is (or will be) were very wide of the mark.

I saw it as little more than a PDF of a ‘real’ book. Another helping of humble pie. please.
There is a wide range of ebook devices and platforms, so many that it’s easier for me to provide you with a link than attempt to sound knowledgeable.
Cue Wiki:
As you may recall, I put together my own ebook as an experiment and a way of commoditising some comedy sketches. (And yes, I did use the word ‘commoditising’ to goad you!)
Mark Coker has created a fantastic tool, enabling any writer to upload a formatted Word doc and hey presto (actual process takes a few more steps) your ebook is born. He has also put together a list of artists who will produce an affordable book cover to your requirements.
So, why am I such a convert to ebooks all of a sudden?
The image above is a bit of a clue and more will be revealed around October 14th.


  1. Rosen says:

    The except is very intriguing.
    The website isn't very clear about format. You hinted above, that it's an eBook; is it also available in print?

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