Eight types of client to avoid

A little list to be going on with.

Eight types of client to avoid

1. The ones who don’t know what they want and say you’ll work it out together as you go along.

2. The ones who need three brand new samples on very specific subjects.

3. The ones who reply, “Rights? What rights?”

4. The ones who, after three emails, still haven’t specified the payment on offer.

5. The ones who ‘just have a feeling’ that your copy needs a little more rewriting, but they can’t tell you what changes they’re looking for.

6. The ones who believe that you need to give them free copy to use as a way of proving yourself.

7. The ones who change their minds halfway through the assignment and then say, “So that work you did before doesn’t count, right?”

8. The ones who suffer a serious bout of amnesia, especially when it comes to pay day.


  1. Em says:

    And the 9th – clients that call you at 8am for a surprise phone conference about some minor copy change. Yes, four people need to talk about that.

  2. Derek says:

    Hi Em, I think your 9th comes under a wider heading of 'we have to have a phone call even though a succinct email is a better means of creating a documented requirement'!

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