What can you say apart from please buy my book? Pt 2

Sometimes you need to branch out.

For a novelist, being published presents a whole new set of challenges. You suddenly have to do other sorts of writing, including writing about writing. There are online blurbs, interviews (I’ll mention in passing that I’m still available…), and the subtle – or not so subtle – art of promoting your novel.
The first hurdle is deciding what to say after ‘please buy my book’. On your marks…get set…write!
Let’s start with a little deconstructing.
What makes your novel distinctive?

1 – Genre.
2 – Characters.
3 – Themes.
4 – Plot.
5 – Setting.
6 – The way you use language and / or the use of slang.
That’s six topics right away without breaking a sweat and here are four examples.

The next place to cast your net is in the direction of your own writing practice. 

This may include:
7 – Where your ideas came from.
8 – First drafts.
9 – Editing.
10 – Submissions.
11 – Rejections.
12 – Tips you’ve picked up along the way.

Here’s one of mine:

Five inspirational tips. 
That’s another six topics to stick in your quiver!

Further afield? 

13 – Your journey as an author.
14 – Things people might not know about you.

15 – Your other novels (because you can never have too many).
16 – Other forms of writing (short fiction, non-fiction, copywriting, etc.).

17 – Feedback – the good, the bad and the ouch.

18 – Writers / artists / musicians / films that inspire you, and why. (Four for the price of one.)

Some of the above:

Six secrets.

Those 18 topics ought to keep you busy for a while. Try and find as many different places to host the posts and remember to include a little information about yourself and your book/s. 

Speaking of which…


Line of Sight

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