Books as Children – Line of Sight’s turn to shine

It’s time for Thomas Bladen to go through the looking glass.

A well-known author (Richard Bach, I’m fairly confident) once referred to his books as his literary children. When it comes to my Thomas Bladen Spy Chaser novels, I have tried to do something subtle different with each one. Consequently, I love all my literary children equally while recognising their differences.

Standpoint introduces Thomas Bladen and his work in the Surveillance Support Unit. It sets the tone, the alliances and the conflicts. Ideally, it also sets readers’ expectations as they enter Thomas’s world. It’s the eldest child, who carries some responsibility for the children that follow – whether it likes it or not!

Line of Sight follows in the aftermath of the events in Standpoint. It delves deeper into Thomas’s working relationship with Karl and the SSU, but also has Thomas taking more of a lead role. We see Karl vulnerable for the first time and we learn more about his backstory. Line of Sight, as the second child, has a touch of pathos about it.

Cause & Effect opens dramatically – twice! – before showing how Thomas’s and Karl’s lives are now so interwoven that one false move could ensnare them both. Crucially, this book shows both of them sometimes getting it wrong and the consequences. This third child is more independent than its older siblings, and perhaps a little more reckless too.

Shadow State puts Thomas Bladen centre stage, whether he likes it nor not. This time he calls the shots, and with good reason. The past catches up with him and Karl, leading to revelations, confrontations and hard choices. The fourth child benefits from the burdens and experiences of those who came before it. It is more wilful and less inclined to listen to its parents (the author!).


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Find out why Amy Johanson died, why Karl McNeill hasn’t set foot in Northern Ireland since he was a teenager, why Miranda Wright might not be the best person to deliver a eulogy but she’ll cover your back, and why Thomas Bladen has to turn detective when no one else can.


  1. narerozi says:

    A TV deal for this series would be absolutely amazing…hope it happens and hope I live long enough to see at least the first series 🙂

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