Port Eliot 2 – Caravan Envy

I imagine that staying in a Gypsy bow-top caravan is a lot like having a novel published. Not only is it a satisfying experience, but it also provokes a wide range of responses from other people (especially when it’s raining).

These include:
– People pointing and staring.
– Some cutting to the chase and asking how much it cost you.
– People pressing their faces up at the window and then apologising.
– Children playing with the handbrake while their parents watch.
– Small children insisting they’re allowed to come in and look around.
– People staring from their rain splattered cagoules with thinly veiled contempt.
– People asking if it’s yours and telling you how lucky you are. (And what do you say to that?)
And this relates to writing how exactly?
I was coming to that. When you have any success, be it with writing or any other endeavour, it creates ripples. There will be times when you end up in the spotlight whether you planned it that way or not. And wherever possible, try and enjoy it. Even if you’re the luckiest so-and-so on Earth and wrote that piece on a gap year while staying at The Ritz, you still wrote it. Never justify and never apologise for your success. And if the Blue Meanies are giving you a hard time about your achievement, write a story and turn them all into monsters.

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