Random script dialogue

[Driver and passenger are driving on a bend. Car coming from opposite direction, crosses central line and almost causes an accident.]

Did you see the way that driver cut you up?

I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

Are you kidding? He was over the centre line. If you weren’t watching the road he would have hit you.

Look, it’s just another soul having a bad day.

Know your trouble? You make too many excuses for people. You just don’t want to see that people are basically selfish and they’ll get away with whatever they can. And don’t give me all that ‘benefit of the doubt’ crap. Because when a car rams into you at high speed and you wind up in hospital, all your ‘soul having a bad day’ philosophy won’t mean crap.

Whereas judging someone for a mistake that any of us could have made is in some way beneficial? Do you feel better for it or do you, in fact, just feel more stressed, if that was possible?

I feel like my eyes are open, unlike that bloody driver. And you, my friend, you’re in denial about the very nature of humanity, a humanity that you claim to care so much about.

I do. I love humanity. It’s just individual people who create problems.

An interesting paradox. So he wasn’t people?

Well yes of course he was. But I don’t think his intention was malicious. He was just careless.

Clueless, you mean!

Same difference.

So if I burgled your house and accidentally burned your house down because I was careless with a candle on my way out, that would be okay?

You’d burgle my house with a candle – what are you, a Victorian theme burglar?

It’s a metaphor.

You mean an allegory.

Jesus, psycho driver gets to almost run you off the road without comment and I get picked up on for my use of language. Where’s the consistency? Metaphor or allegory, there’s still a candle and your house has still burned down.

Am I inside?

Er, no. You’re visiting friends for the evening – I’m not a monster.

Okay so I’m not injured. Just seriously inconvenienced. But I still have my car, right?

Well, unless psycho driver met you on the way home when you heard the fire engines.

So I could sleep in my car for the night – at a push?

Be realistic. Your house has just burned down. How would you be able to sleep?

Well, my files are all backed up to a server and there’s nothing I can do for my property. What else am I going to do?

You could mourn, show a little emotion, maybe? Christ, your whole life has gone up in flames. And what didn’t has been stolen by a..a Victorian theme burglar.

But you weren’t hurt, were you?

No! What does it matter if I was hurt?

I’m just saying, no sense in both of us suffering. And besides, most of my things are insured; probably overinsured.

You know, this glass half-full approach can be really wearing.

It’s a choice, okay? And I choose to look for the best.

It’s just a subtle form of denial.

What would you prefer?

Some honesty.

Okay, I miss my stuff, life sucks and I hope the guy who burgled me gets rectal cancer – no offence.

None taken. That’s the spirit!

Happy now?


Okay, and that driver was a total arsehole who should watch the road more carefully.

Now we’re there. Do you really mean it – any of it?

Not for a second.


Now, now! Don’t distract me; I need to watch the road.


  1. Derek says:

    Hi Deb, that's an astute question. Like the best of writing, it's 50/50. Someone did almost cause a collision at The Minack Theatre when we were travelling along a lane and one of our passengers was less than thrilled. Two parts fear and one part indignation. But that's country lanes for you!

  2. motheroad says:

    This is infinitely better than the stupid, boring "Waiting for Godot." I read it and read it again, then I e-mailed it to my dad. I laughed so hard at "Victorian theme burglar." I'm still laughing.

    Oh my GOD you're more than brilliant – you are so reflective you could start a fire.

  3. Derek says:

    I thank you for your thoughts, but question your understanding of the laws of combustion! I remember someone telling me they thought the title of the ply was 'Waiting for Go-Dot' and wondering who Dot was.

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