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Maybe Snaresbrook?

Of all of Rudyard Kipling’s six serving men (you don’t need a link – you can search for it on the web if you don’t already know them), I think the most powerful is what – especially when it’s followed by if. And yes, that is another Rudyard Kipling reference – well spotted. 

What if enables us to bring together entirely unrelated ideas and subjects, just for the curiosity of seeing what would happen. It can helps us write fiction, or comedy, or fill a blog post when we hadn’t had time to put one together and a self-imposed deadline is looming. But enough talk of me.

Two of my favourite things (yes, I can hear the tune too) are advertising and the London Underground. The first fascinates me because it uses concepts to sell products through a variety of techniques, among them: word play and association. The London Underground forever has a place in my heart because I grew up in London. Anne even bought me a book of disused tube stations for my birthday. Now that is commitment. 

What the flip has any of this to do with a rushed blog post I hear you thinking. (I have exceptionally good hearing in that respect.) Well, what if tube stations were renamed to take advantage of brand sponsorship? Where would that leave us? Round about here…

Angel Delight
Argos Grove
Barbican Lager
Burnt Oak Smoked Sausages
East Ham & Cheese Toast Toppers
Eustone’s Ginger Wine
Abercrombie & Fitchley Road
Terry’s All Goldhawk Road
Costerley Cutters
Theydon Bois Own Paper
Victoria Sponge
Wat-Ford Focus

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