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Eight types of client to avoid

A little list to be going on with. Eight types of client to avoid 1. The ones who don’t know what they want and say you’ll work it out together as you go along. 2. The ones who need three brand new samples on very specific subjects. 3. The ones who reply, “Rights? What rights?” …

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Can’t see the tree for the… erm….

No, the image is not a Magic Eye picture of ET smiling, it’s the remainder of our much-loved, but much-addled Lawson’s Cypress tree from our garden. When we could see right through one of the candelabra trunks and the split on two of them extended up from the base, it was clear that action needed …

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Wheat, chaff and the golden calf

Writing professionally is based upon three cornerstones: the ability to produce quality material, having the necessary time to do it and getting the money afterwards. The way I see it, take away any one of that trinity and you’re left with a very wonky stool indeed – and one that’s lying on the floor. Or …

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