The Silent Hills has arrived!

The Silent Hills (ISBN: 978-1-61937-015-9) is out today, brought to you by Musa Publishing.

It’s a short fiction ebook about a man who finally finds a reason to stop running from his past, himself and the truth.

A story of responsibilities and consequences, The Silent Hills finds Peter Marlow ensnared in someone else’s drama, where the only solution is a permanent one. But is he just being used? And can the ends ever justify the means?

You can read an excerpt here and also buy the ebook for $0.99 in any of the following formats: PDF, ePub, PRC and Mobi.

Please pass on this post and the link.

The Silent Hills is my first venture as a contracted author with Musa and I hope it will be the first of many.


  1. Derek says:

    Thanks! All credit to Musa – it's been a remarkably stress-free journey from initial submission through to contract, cover art and editing. All I need now is my ITIN ref from the IRS!

  2. Rosen says:

    Congratulations! I shall take a look and blog about your success, dreckly.

  3. Rosen says:

    Would you mind me interviewing you?
    If that's OK, here are the questions:
    1. What is "The Silent Hills" about?
    2. Who is it aimed at?
    3. What inspired you to write it?
    4. Is it your usual style?
    5. What can your readers look forward to in the future?

  4. Derek says:

    Hi Rosen, thanks for the questions – answers coming by email and gmail.

    Hi Deb and thanks. Now, if I could just place that Mind, Body & Spirit fantasy novel!

  5. Hi Derek,

    Me again. I got my new (first ever!) Kindle reader in the post today and I've downloaded "The Silent Hills" from Amazon. I'm looking forward to reading it.


  6. Derek says:

    I'm almost as excited as you are! Now I can count down the days before I start badgering you to write a review on the Musa Publishing website and everywhere else!

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