What is a blog for? Over to you.

If blogs were logs and my computer were a garage.

As some of you know, I recently experimented with a giveaway for my fantasy novel, Covenant. Around the same time, I decided I needed to review the way I use social media and evaluate what I give to it and what I get back in return.

Blogging has always been my favourite social media activity. I love the interaction between bloggers, and the generosity of those master bloggers out there who shares tips or who offer guest spots. 


I recently got some valuable blog feedback from Glen Long (via Jon Morrow) over at http://guestblogging.com/ and it got me thinking (some more). 

He asked what the purpose of my blog was. 

I made a list and it seems that the purpose is manifold:
– Promote my fiction?
– Sell my services as a writer / editor?
– Showcase my work?
– Engage with and entertain readers?
– Engage with and support other creatives?
– Make some money?

He suggested I make my headlines clearer and more dynamic. So, for example, based on the content, where I titled a recent post The beer essentials, he suggested I go with How to Use Action to Reveal Your Character’s True Essence instead.

Glen also suggested I consider hosting a blog on my own domain

Now, this is the bit where you come in.

It’s a two-part quiz.

1. How do you see this blog and why do you visit (and by the way, thanks for coming)?

2. What is your blog for and does it fulfil your intent?

3. And for a bonus point, what’s your experience of hosting your blog on your own domain – benefits and drawbacks, please?

As long as you’re not selling pharmaceuticals, extensions (you know the kind), money-rich schemes, writing content farms, weaponry, porn or political / religious ideologies, you’re welcome to include your blog link in with your answer and state – in one short sentence – what your blog is for.


  1. Chloe says:

    I started visiting your blog because I wanted to connect with other writers as I was starting out. But you are one of the few bloggers I feel I've got to know a bit mroe personally through blogging so now I come because I'm interested in you and your writing! I also like that you don't ONLY talk about what you are writing – loads of writers do that and it's dull!

    My blog was for connecting with other writers mostly – building friendships and maybe getting a bit of a name for if/when I have something I want people to read! But I've let it grow organically rather than chasing for more followers.

    I use blogger for my blog, but I created my own "website" (wordsyourway.co.uk) using a wordpress blog and that has my own domain. You are responsible for making sure the right technical stuff happens and organising e-mail etc., but it does look more professional.

  2. Chloe, I think you've hit upon an important item that I missed off my list.

    Engaging with people (be they clients, readers or other writers) is one thing, but connecting with them is another matter entirely. At that blissful point it becomes more about who we are as individuals – our journeys – and what we can learn from one another and from one another's lives.

    Incidentally, I like the crispness of your website and how you describe yourself and what you do. In the end, whether on the page or in life, it's about being who you really are. Perhaps that's the question I should be asking myself!

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